Prison Sex Role Play Scenarios

There are a lot of things that suck about being in prison, but one of them is getting a limited amount of sex. However, the good thing is when you do have sex, it’s got to feel amazing.

There are many ways you can incorporate prison sex into your sexy role play ideas. One is to have a long-awaited conjugal visit. This type of roleplay should not be too difficult to act out. You can start with some dialogue that establishes that you have not been intimate for a while.

It will also make things more realistic if the prisoner has a great orange suit to wear as well as strategically placed tattoos.

From there, the prisoner can tell his partner how badly he misses them and how horny he is. Then you can have sex like two people who haven’t been able to touch each other for months. The fact you have a limited amount of time together can also add to the excitement.

As an added bonus, try switching roles. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the man that is the prisoner.

A second scenario can involve two prisoners. The prisoners are horny, and they are attracted to each other. But how will they be able to have sex out of the sights of the strict prison warden? And see if you can add a body harness or some body chains too!

The possibility of getting caught can heighten the excitement for these two horny prisoners.

The prison scenario can work out well when considering sexual role play character ideas. How will you be using it to make your time in the bedroom more exciting?

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